Oops, we messed up!

(but our mistake is your gain)

The Southwest Car Wash Association Convention & Expo is from February 28 - March 1.  And we forgot to register in time to get our own booth space...come see Phil in the AutoBrite booth 1045 and see a Model S2 and talk about any other service offerings.

To be fair to that person that was supposed to click the registration link, we do have a lot going on currently, including 6 new product launches this year.  And the other person that implemented a new email platform for Dencar probably should have made sure emails from the Southwest Car Wash Association didn't end up in the SPAM folder.  (Yes, there might be a few jabs being thrown around in our office.)

So what's a company like Dencar supposed to do in this situation?  Well, let's try and turn lemons into lemonade.  We will put our money where our mouth is...our apology includes a virtual show discount on our already phenomenally priced pay stations.  

Unattended Experts

Dencar was designed to sell a monthly wash pass program that eliminated fraud without needing people.  This was a core principle of Dencar, because Dencar's owners are unattended operators and they needed this technology for their car washes.

By now, we all know our customers want memberships, and we need to provide what the customer wants, or risk losing business...a lot of business.  And thanks to the express tunnel operators marketing the word "unlimited" everywhere with their memberships, IBA owners can sell limited memberships to our customers and only the Uber drivers care...and IBA owners don't want an Uber driver member anyway.  Do you prefer to go unlimited?  We support that too.

If you are worried about fraud that happens on every other app only solution you are looking at, Dencar already solved that problem.  Read about VIA Guard here

Here are some topics to consider:

Can I afford to upgrade my pay station? (follow this link) Dencar's latest plans include a "keep your kiosk" solution that is just $2999.  The pending retrofit door lineup units are priced at $9999.  Go cashless with the Model EP13 at only $13,900.  Still want to take cash and have a massive 21" screen to sell memberships?  Get the Model S2 for $33,890.

I've never managed memberships before, how will I learn? (follow this link to find out)

How does a traditional IBA (3/1 or 4/2 or the like) compete with an express tunnel?  Memberships is where you start and you can create a competitive advantage by selling a Site Level Membership.

Let's Talk Savings!

You can purchase a 5% savings on anything you buy in 2024 in the pay station category on a single invoice by purchasing this discount today.  Follow this link for the details. Discount

Total Package

My point of sale company is ripping me off!  Sound familiar?

The Dencar alternative: how about 2 pay stations, 2 gates, 4 inductive coils, license plate reading, custom branded app, tunnel controller interface, lane manager, and a visual queue manager for only $49,213, and only $288 per month.  (See quote here)  Add RFID support and reuse your existing RFID tags for only $7450 more (and $99 per month).

Do you prefer to move to a handheld pay station? Do you want your attendants to deliver a Chick-fil-A experience?  Well that is only going to be $1299 when released later this year and it integrates to the lane manager, visual queue, and gate interface.  Heck, throw a $13,900 pay station in and run unattended when your attendant doesn't show up for work.

Oh, did we mention Dencar can migrate your existing monthly membership billing and reuse your existing RFID tags so your customers don't even need to re-enroll and you keep receiving your monthly membership deposits?

Tell me how this is possible

Virtual Show

Check out this YouTube video for the latest happenings at Dencar.  Check out some of our products and people.