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Sometimes, it takes car wash owners to truly understand the business needs of other car wash owners. Dencar Technology was founded by two car wash owners seeking to increase revenue through an integrated sales experience while reducing labor and fraud through automation. We solved our own problems —and know we can help the entire industry, including you.

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Advanced Point of Sale

Dencar Technology specializes in the delivery of advanced point of sale systems for the car wash industry. In addition, we supply responsive digital signage integrated to the point of sale and wash control platform. For those that need it, we also supply vacuum control and self-serve integration too.   

Design Philoso​phy 

Our design philosophy is to replicate the attended car wash functionality with automated equipment and processes running 24/7. With Dencar’s automated equipment, you no longer are forced to utilize the expensive personnel costs working onsite to manually sell wash passes, install RFID tags, explain options, reset equipment, and manage the wash pass environment.    

Fraud Mitigation

We built an Integrated Sales Experience platform to do all those activities automatically and/or remotely. Our patent-pending Vehicle Identification Automation (VIA Guard) technology ensures you are paid for every wash you deliver without fear of pass sharing or fraud.    

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