Dencar Customer Support (DCS)

When you first started your car wash (way back before this whole membership world existed), life was a lot simpler.  Customers came in, they pressed a button, paid, and got a car wash.  Life was easy.  If there was a problem, someone would call you and you would apologize for the problem, refund the customer, get the problem fixed, and move on.  

Enter the world of memberships.

Every crazy question from every crazy customer is now coming at you 7 days a week.  The simple life is gone.  Or is it?  If you are a tunnel operator, you have probably been managing a membership program forever.  Moving to the Dencar system will make your life a heck of a lot easier.  You have online access to every customer account from any mobile device you own and you can manage your membership program on the fly.  

However, if you are an unattended operator, you probably have never managed a membership program before.  If you would like to keep the simple life, add Dencar Customer Support (DCS) as a member of your team.  For the cost of just ~20 memberships per month, you can add a staff of team members that will support your customers directly.  Your customers call us, we manage your program, you only get involved if there is a refund required or physical maintenance issue at your car wash site.  

DCS is a month-to-month service offering.  If you just want some help getting up and running confidently, add us to your team for a couple months.  We will train you and model the customer support process for you.  When you are ready to take over management on your own, just tell us, and DCS billing stops.

Dencar Customer Support provides direct customer support via phone, text, email, Facebook Messenger & Google Business Chat (Facebook and Google coming soon).  DCS also provides your VIA Guard management.  

Here is what it looks like:

Customers reach out to you via many channels: phone, text, email, website, Facebook, Google, etc.  We consolidate all messages and show them in a single interface mapped to each of your locations.  We provide all your customer management and you can see everything we do from the Carwash Communicator app on your phone.  We believe in the "trust but verify" adage and provide the visibility directly to you for the work that we perform.

Whether you have 1 site, 5 or 10, the process is the same.  We identify from where communication originates (which site), we identify what is going on, and resolve any issues we can without involving you.  When needed, we will assign you a task in your Carwash Communicator app, and notify you of the action you need to take.  Actions generally are categorized as Financial, Maintenance, or Administrative.  

The Details

We will manage your consumer base using the Carwash Communicator platform for $450 first site per month. Each additional site is $375 per site per month.

You have access to the Carwash Communicator account for review of all communication, as desired, and/or for direct customer engagement.

Any consumer support request requiring physical work or repairs at the car wash, or payment refund requests, will be referred to your designated point of contact via email today, and via task based workflow automation after Carwash Communicator is updated.

No term commitment: 
Month to month service.
Cancel anytime. 

DCS is for Dencar point of sale operators only. Carwash Communicator can be used by any operator.

VIA Guard Management

Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (Eastern)

Limited Sat-Sun

Dencar Consumer Support (DCS) Management

• $450/first site/month, additional site is $375/site/month

• Management 7 days/week, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

• Standard website hosting with custom domain & email included (or use yours)

• Must have Carwash Communicator account

• Must post signs at each site with unique phone number(s) and email address(es).  Dencar to provide the templates.

Carwash Communicator usage charges are:



  • Voice/Text number
  • Text Messages (SMS)
  • Multi-Media Messages (MMS)
  • Calling
  • Account maintenance
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Google Business Messages
  • What's App
  • Web Chat

$12 / month
$0.04 / text
$0.05 / message
$0.04 / minute
$1 / month

SMS message length and character encoding

When you send an SMS message containing more than 160 characters, the message is split into smaller messages for transmission. Large messages are split into 153-character 'segments' and sent individually, then re-assembled by the recipient’s device. For example, a 161-character message will be sent as two messages: one with 153 characters and a second with eight characters.

If you include non-GSM characters, such as Chinese script, in SMS messages, those messages have to be sent using the UCS-2 encoding. Messages containing any UCS-2 characters will be limited to 70 characters. UCS-2 messages of more than 70 characters will be split into 67-character segments.

Carwash Communicator bills for every segment sent, so if you have a message with, say, 140 characters and only one or two of them are UCS-2, you can avoid the cost of the second segment by removing those UCS-2 characters if you can.

Note: Toll-Free Multi-Segment Messages sent to the US or Canada have a total of 152 characters available for GSM-encoded messages and 66 for UCS-2 messages.

Size limitations of combining text and images

MMS media messaging

When sending text and pictures in the same message (MMS messaging), a message can contain up to 10 images and 1600 characters if the entire message is under 5 MB in size. 1600 characters will take up 4.8 KB, which accounts for roughly 1% of the message size limit.

Carwash Communicator will automatically compress JPEG, PNG, or GIF files to reduce their size if they exceed certain thresholds, to help you fit more images on your message when needed.

Download DCS brief here: