Site Level Memberships

Service Advantages

In-Bay Automatic operators have features and services that most Express Exterior competitors don’t have.  For starters, IBAs are generally open 24x7.  What else do IBAs have?  How about:

  • Touchless
  • Friction
  • Touchless or Friction
  • Self-Serve
  • Vacuums
  • Dog wash
  • Mat cleaners
  • Tire air machine
  • Fragrance machine
  • Vending
  • Ice machine
  • Tire shine
  • Others

"Included", not "Free"

IBA operators have been great at delivering services that customers want, but the market has shifted toward memberships, and IBA operators need to keep up with how customers want to buy.  While each of the above services are desired by customers, individually, they are not enough to win over a monthly membership customer when you have an express exterior across the street.  However, when you combine these services, you now have a compelling competitive advantage.  “Free” is generally not a good word for the IBA operator.  Free anything at an unattended site tends to invite a clientele that is not desirable and lots of trash.  “Included” is a much better word.  For example, your membership at the IBA site can include automatic washes, self-serve washes, vacuums, and anything else you want to include.

Furthermore, a typical setup might include 15 automatic washes per month for a single vehicle (enforced by Dencar’s VIA Guard technology), 2 self-serve washes when you need some extra prep work, 30 vacuum credits to keep the inside looking good, and maybe 1 dog wash, but only for your platinum tier members.  The value proposition that an IBA operator can create and deliver is quite compelling when compared to an express exterior only wash.  

Your Wash, Your Way

The site level membership is not an “all or nothing” configuration.  Operators have the flexibility to set which services are included in the membership and how many activations are included for each service at each tier.  For example, you might give your Gold members 15 automatic washes, 30 vacuums, and 2 self-serves but your Bronze members only get 10 automatic washes and 20 vacuums.  

Simple Cost-Effective Equipment

The obvious question is what does it take to build a Site Level Membership.  Fortunately, Dencar has a very cost effective way of signaling each of these services.  Dencar sells a Site Controller and Activation Module that interfaces to existing timers by simulating $0.25 payment pulses.  This means any device you have that accepts a $0.25 payment pulse can be signaled by the Dencar equipment and included in your Site Level Membership offering.  One Site Controller can control up to 20 devices and you just need to install an Activation Module in each device you want to control.  

Selling Site Level Memberships

You can sell a site level membership on our traditional pay stations, online, and in your app.  And coming soon, you will be able to sell site level memberships from our virtual pay stations.  Virtual pay stations are one of Dencar's latest developments that will be unveiled in Nashville at the ICA show.  

Integrate All Locations

Configuring your membership tiers is simple.  All you need to do is identify which service you want to provide at each tier and how many activations you want to provide per month.  Just input these values into your web based management portal, and you have just integrated your services into a Site Level Membership.  If you own more than one location, and you offer different services at each site, you can integrate all your services across all your locations to create a very compelling membership offering that spans all your locations.