Top Hat Install - Model EP13

Step 1 - place the stiffener plate on top of the pedestal.

Step 2 - place the top hat on top of the stiffener plate on the pedestal.

Step 3 - Secure the top hat to the pedestal by fastening the nut on the right side stud.

Step 4 - slide the equipment tray out of the way for access to the other studs.

Step 5 - additional images of equipment tray nuts.

Step 6 - aditional imaging.

Step 7 - run the power and network wiring.

Step 8 - note the positioning of the power plate.

Step 9 - installing the computer controller.

Step 10 - connecting the USB hub.

Step 11 - plug in the peripherals as shown.  Note: do not ever connect the USB hub to a power source.

Step 12 - the network wire goes into port 5 of the switch.

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