Right Height Base - no curb


  • auto adjust the height of the pay station to the vehicle
  • accept payment where your customers are
  • optional add-on for Model S2 and EP21
  • watch a video of our prototype displayed at the Nashville ICA show by selecting HERE.

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Pay Stations


Vertical screen pay stations attempted to solve the problem of reach for big trucks and low cars, but they all have one problem: the height of payment acceptance never changed.  The Right Height base solves this problem.  The entire pay station raises or lowers to be at the Right Height for the driver to accept payment.  Whether accepting payment for a single wash or a monthly wash pass sale, the Right Height adjusting base makes it easier to accept payment.

Additional information

Facial Detection

Right Height ​uses Dencar's proprietary facial detection software.  This is not facial recognition, so you don't have to worry about any privacy issues.  


There are currently two actuators specified for the Right Height base.  One is used when mounting the Right Height on a curb and the other is for mounting the Right Height at street level.  In both cases, the target movement is 12 inches.  This target is a rise of 6 inches for high vehicles and a lowering of 6 inches for a low vehicle.


The Right Height actuator is rated for 500,000 movements.  If you have a bay doing 30k cars per year, we would expect half to be membership uses, so there is typically no height adjustment on a membership redemption.  Of the remaining 15k washes, how many will fall outside of standard range?  If we say half of the 15k are high or low vehicles, we are looking at 7500 vehicles per year.