Security & Network Services


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Internet service is a critical component of your car wash environment.  If you are not online, you are not live processing transactions, your building security is down, and your remote access to camera systems is gone.  Cellular Internet backup helps ensure you are always online.  


​​Purchase a cellular router and/or rate plan

A typical Dencar network installation includes a cellular router for backup with automatic failover.  We are opening up our management platform for any operator on any platform that wants cellular Internet backup.  We probably offer the cheapest insurance available in the market today.  Cellular backup helps make sure you can connect to the Internet when needed.  Alternatively, if you are in an environment where cellular Internet is your only cost effective option, we also provide primary cellular Internet connectivity.  


Operate in an Online World

Today’s car washes need internet to operate profitably. It’s how credit card payments are processed, memberships are activated, fraud is detected, and activity is tracked. Dencar Pay Station POS systems also require robust internet to function properly. What separates Dencar, however, are the technology services and support delivered to operators after the sale via our exclusive Dencar IT Services.

Dencar IT Services help ensure your technology keeps up with the speed and variety of payment transactions, while maintaining encryption and authentication needed for safe and secure payment processing, enhanced fraud detection, and data protection.

Your car wash requires business-class internet software, equipment, firewall protection, and backup systems. You also need professional IT support available on demand, not when your "friend-of-a-friend" is available. Dencar IT Services provide it all.

Why Choose Dencar IT Services?

Setting up an off-the-shelf router purchased at a home electronics store doesn’t cut it. Relying on your nephew to troubleshoot IT problems isn’t sustainable. And even a general IT support team might not understand the car wash industry’s unique requirements. They might not know that even an hour of downtime can mean lost revenue and eroded brand loyalty from monthly subscription customers.

Consumer-grade equipment and friend-of-a-friend technical support don’t provide the reliability or security that your business needs. You’re subject to profit-killing service interruptions and catastrophic cyber attacks. (Why would cyber criminals target your small business? Because they can. That’s the only reason they need.)

Properly protect your business, guard against internet-related downtime, and keep customers loyal. Let Dencar transform your car wash with reliable, secure network technology and support.