Total Package

My point of sale company is ripping me off!  Sound familiar?

The Dencar alternative: how about 2 pay stations, 2 gates, 4 inductive coils, license plate reading, custom branded app, tunnel controller interface, lane manager, and a visual queue manager for only $49,213, and only $288 per month.  (See quote here)  

Add RFID support and reuse your existing RFID tags for only $7450 more (and $99 per month).  Dencar's RFID reader supports up to 4 lanes - just buy antennas!

Let's Talk

Do you prefer to move to a handheld pay station? Do you want your attendants to deliver a Chick-fil-A experience?  Well that is only going to be $1299 when released later this year and it integrates to the lane manager, visual queue, and gate interface.  Heck, throw a $13,900 pay station in and run unattended when your attendant doesn't show up for work.

Oh, did we mention Dencar can migrate your existing monthly membership billing and reuse your existing RFID tags so your customers don't even need to re-enroll and you keep receiving your monthly membership deposits? 

Tell me how this is possible

Let's Talk Throughput - do you have 3 lanes today just so your membership sales don't slow down your throughput?  Dencar's 10 Second Membership Sale process allows you to reduce your hardware costs.  Dencar's 1 lane pay station versus the competitions' 3 lanes of hardware.  Your ROI is so much better with Dencar!  Yes, we know you're not going to drop from 3 lanes to 1 and abandon the other 2, but it sure makes a point, doesn't it?  Consider your options.  1 or 2 lanes with full pay stations and 1 or 2 lanes of handheld pay stations for your busy days.  Now that's cost-effective!