Gas Pump Integration

Code Generating Computer

What you need

1) Read this entire page before you go to the site.

Note: Save yourself a trip, contact the C-Store / Gas Pump administrator before you go onsite and have the server configured beforehand.

2) A laptop with a wired network connection interface (or an adapter like this).
3) Code generating computer with HDMI dummy plug installed (supplied by Dencar).
4) Network cable to connect the code generating computer to the server and a network cable to connect the code generating computer to the Internet (6' patch cables supplied by Dencar or long network cables supplied by installer).
5) USB to DB9, null modem, DB9 to RJ45 adapters (supplied by Dencar).
6) Access to a power outlet and wired secure Internet connection where the code generating computer will be installed. (supplied by operator) in a secure area.


The Dencar code generating computer needs to be serially connected to the C-Store/Pump server.  The C-Store/Pump server is the central hub of the gas pumps and cash register environment.  The C-store / gas pump point of sale interfaces are connected back to this central server.  In addition to connecting the code generating computer to the C-Store/Pump server, the Dencar code generating computer also needs to be connected to the Internet via wired network cable.  The code generating computer does not need to be on a Dencar provided network – it can be on any reliable secured Internet connection.  Dencar can provide a cellular connection for this device, but this should be a last resort.  A wired, terrestrial based secured Internet connection is preferred. 


The code generating computer needs to physically be at the gas station.  The code generating computer does not need to be located at the car wash.  Code generating computers can be placed at (multiple) gas stations without car wash equipment to sell wash codes, and the gas station can direct those customers to car wash(es) located elsewhere. i.e. code generating computers can be deployed across gas station environments to sell car washes that are redeemed off property.

Installation Procedure

Internet: The installer should plug his laptop into the wired Internet connection that will provide Internet access to the code generating computer.  While the installer's laptop is connected to this Internet connection, the installer should open a browser and go to

A) Take a screen shot of the page and save it. (see sample below)

Gotcha - if you can't get out to the Internet, you probably plugged into the private C-store network.  Don't do that.

B) Take a screen shot of your local IP address and save it.  To do this, type "cmd" in the Search block of your PC to open a command prompt.  Type in "ipconfig" and press enter. (see sample below as well as a video showing how to do this)
C) Submit both of these pictures to Dencar at and make note of your help desk ticket number.

Sample "What is my IP" screenshot

Sample local IP address

If you need help obtaining your local IP address, watch this video.

Submit these two images to Dencar as a help desk ticket by following this link:
Make note of your help desk ticket number.

Unplug the Internet connection from your laptop and plug it into the Dencar code generating computer.  Power on the code generating computer.


The C-Store / Pump Server environment is configured on a private network.  DO NOT PLUG THE CODE GENERATING COMPUTER INTO THE C-STORE / PUMP SERVER NETWORK.  Plug the code generating computer into a designated Internet port.

Connect to the C-Store / Pump Server

Contact the person or company that maintains the C-Store / Pump Server and ensure the car wash sales license has been added to and ENABLED on the C-Store / Pump Server.  Request that they configure a port on the C-Store / Pump Server to connect to a “Ryko car wash code generator.”  Make note of this port assignment.  This will be a communications port on the server and is typically noted as, "COM1, COM2, etc."

The maintainer of the C-Store / Pump Server will likely ask you for the configuration details.  Provide this information:

a) Configured for Ryko 4 protocol
b) Baud rate of 9600
c) Stop bits 2
d) Data bits 8
e) Parity none

Feel free to share this link with the maintainer so you don't have to relay this over the phone.

Sample Ryko Code a Wash (CAW) IV picture:

In addition, the car wash tiers and pricing need to be added to the C-Store / Gas Pump point of sale.  Provide this information to the maintainer of the C-Store / Gas Pump point of sale.  Fill in this table with your site's pricing and provide to the maintainer.





Bronze single wash

input your price


Silver single wash

input your price


Gold single wash

input your price


Platinum single wash
(only enter if sold at car wash site)

input your price


Bronze monthly pass (future - do not configure)

input your price


Silver monthly pass
(future - do not configure)

input your price


Gold monthly pass
(future - do not configure)

input your price


Platinum monthly pass
(future - do not configure)

input your price

Code Generating Computer

Plug in everything as shown.

Alternative adapters shown

The network cables colors do not have any significance.  Use whatever is available.

D) Once everything is connected, contact Dencar and provide the Help Desk ticket number from above to verify connectivity and functionality.  Dencar's support team will not engage without the above steps being completed and the documentation submitted via the Help Desk portal.