Denpay Visual Experience 

Why monthly memberships?

It is a relationship shift and the consumption habits of consumers

Single Wash Customers

1)  Washes where most convenient

1) Commits to your wash / brand

2)  Customer satisfaction – Difficult (much harder for touchless washes)

2) Customer satisfaction - Easier
(it's easier to cleaner a clean car)

3) Weather dependency -  fear of weather = no wash

3) Not weather dependent = stabilized revenue stream

4)  Does not refer wash to friends

4) Refers your wash - family plans

5) Higher propensity for negative social media engagement (a.k.a. bad reviews)

5) Will reach out directly if an issue arises

How can we sell a monthly membership in less than 10 seconds?  Well, watch this video and see for yourself.  The difference in selling a monthly pass versus buying a single wash adds 7 seconds to this transaction...the time it takes to enter your phone number.

Note: this pay station was one of our original eGenuity retrofit options.

Post Purchase

After your customer purchases a monthly wash membership, they will receive a purchase confirmation via text message. The text includes a link to your branded landing page. The landing page includes download buttons for your branded app and an explainer video showing how to use and manage the monthly wash membership.

This is an example of a sample URL that is sent to your customer after purchase:  This example is of a dedicated website provided by Dencar as shown below.  The website domain is a dedicated domain for this car wash.  Hosting a dedicated website is a for fee service.

Dencar also provides no fee websites that take the form of<your car wash name>

Here is a sample explainer video that your customers will view

Customer Success

593 cars washed with 28 monthly wash passes sold. No labor, No human contact, No damage, No fraud. Open 24x7.

Virtual Sales Agent - No Fraud

VIA Guard is your Virtual Sales Agent that monitors for fraud.  If someone brings a vehicle through your car wash that is not on their membership, VIA Guard will flag the transaction for review.  This process is your automated upsell to family plan opportunity.  As the operator, your job is quite minimal.  You just need to review your exception dashboard periodically.  We recommend every day.  When you see exceptions, press the "trigger exception" button.  That's all there is to it.  Here's a short video that shows you how an exception is triggered from your Customer Management Portal.

VIA Guard automated messaging to your customers

When you trigger a VIA Guard exception, your customer's wash pass is locked and they can not get another car wash until they acknowledge the exception and make a selection in their app, or on the pay station.  This means you do not have to confront any customer face-to-face.  There is no more confrontation or slowing down your line on a busy day.  

Scroll through these cell phone screenshots and pay station image to see what your customers see.