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Texas wash turns around two decades of stagnation in just two months


Wicked Wash in Kyle, Texas, was a 25-year-old wash with equipment nearly that old when Jon Petters bought it in 2022. The wash was so behind the times, it didn’t even offer a monthly subscription plan, relying solely on single users.


That growth came quickly. In just three months of using the Dencar Pay Station, he’s converted 151 monthly memberships – starting from zero. “With those kinds of early numbers, eventually having 500 to 1,000 paid subscriptions doesn’t seem out of the question,” said Petters. “Not only does that translate to substantial monthly income, it also makes the wash much more attractive at resale.”


Petters set about modernizing the facility for the demands of today’s customers. First up, a new touchless wash for his location’s sole automatic bay (five others are dedicated to self-serve wash and a sixth is used for auto detailing). When looking to replace his ancient pay station with something compatible with his new high-tech wash, Petit, the wash’s maker, recommended Dencar.

He selected a cashless Dencar Pay Station. “I was looking for technology that was scalable and would help Wicked Wash to grow,” said Petters.

‘Like having an extra employee’

Petters says modernizing his car wash has enabled him to fight back against encroachment from competing washes. “Kyle is a booming area and several car washes have popped up near me in the past six to seven years. By installing the Dencar Pay Station and new no-touch car wash, we’ve leapfrogged past the competition to become the best car wash location in the area because we provide a fast, effective wash.” Saturday traffic has increased fourfold.

User Friendly

His favorite Dencar feature? It’s user-friendliness for customers, which encourages them to do administrative work for themselves. “Because end-users can easily add vehicles and make other updates to their accounts, it’s like having an extra employee that handles miscellaneous tasks. It dramatically reduces our need to get involved in troubleshooting customer issues.”

It’s like having an extra employee!
– Jon Petters, Owner Wicked Wash



An unexpected bonus is the unit’s built-in air conditioner. “In the Texas heat, where we’ve had 45 consecutive days above 105 degrees, knowing the Dencar Pay Station won’t overheat is just another example of its worry-free operation. They’ve thought of everything.”

“Dencar will completely transform your car wash. It immediately modernizes operations with the ability to run your wash 24/7 and convert monthly subscriptions at any time. The app empowers customers and saves you time and money,” said Petters. “It’s a great machine. We’re excited to have it.”

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