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Switch from self-serve to automatic gets boost from Dencar Pay Station



The Scrub car wash in San Angelo, Texas, had been strictly self-service until owner Jason Simmons decided to convert one of his five wash bays into an in-bay automatic. He invested in high-quality wash hardware, but was disappointed with the clunky pay station he’d purchased.He knew he had to make a change …. but to which pay station kiosk?

Being new to the world of automatic washes, Simmons conducted deep research on pay stations. He read everything he could get his hands on. He weighed all the options, comparing every pay kiosk on the market against the other. And his choice became clear: he purchased a Dencar Pay Station.


Simmons leverages the Dencar Pay Station to yield automatic wash profits while upholding self-serve staffing standards. “I’m not tied down. The Dencar Pay Station manages transactions, membership sales, safeguards against misuse, and operates almost maintenance-free.”


Simmons also appreciates the security of Dencar’s VIA Guard fraud protection. It tracks that the vehicle registered to a membership is the only vehicle washed under that membership. When misuse is detected, the system automatically sends a message to the account holder giving them two options for resolving the issue. “They either pay for an additional single wash or upgrade to a multi-car membership. Dencar makes it simple. It’s flawless,” said Simmons.


“I had purchased the top-of-the-line car wash equipment and I wanted a pay kiosk to match,” said Simmons. Dencar offered a trifecta of benefits: near maintenance-free service, the ability to quickly convert single wash purchases into monthly memberships, and fraud protection. “My initial goals were modest,” said Simmons. “I wanted to average 20 cars per day at the automatic bay.” Less than a half-year into his new venture, that average is already up to 54 cars per day. The numbers continue to trend upward, too. In the same time, he’s gone from zero memberships to 110 of them, guaranteeing thousands in monthly income.


An unexpected bonus? “I’ve seen a 150% increase in usage of my self-service bays since I installed my in-bay automatic. I think people are using them to pre-wash their vehicles then running through the automatic wash to finish the job.”

I’ve seen a 150% increase in usage of my self-service bays since I installed my in-bay automatic.
– Jason Simmons, Owner, The Scrub

Happy Owner, Happy Customers!

With a Dencar Pay Station, Simmons generates the income of an automatic wash but maintains self-serve staffing levels. “I don’t have to be here. The Dencar Pay Station is handling transactions, selling memberships, protecting against misuse, and doing its job as closely as possible to maintenance-free.”
His customers quickly adapted to the technology. “It’s highly user-friendly. There aren’t a bunch of buttons, just a clean, simple touchscreen. There are on-screen prompts and voice prompts to guide customers through the sales process. It’s not your typical in-bay automatic wash experience.”

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