Subway Car Wash

One pay station, a 400% increase in sales!

Dencar gets results after a competing pay station causes endless headaches


Subway Car Wash in Carlisle, PA, is a local institution that opened in 1982. Forty years later, current owner Tim Stine decided to add the first-ever automatic wash bay in the location’s history. After investing in brand-new wash equipment, the necessary new construction, and building renovations, Stine was extremely disappointed when the competitor’s pay station he initially chose continually malfunctioned.

It wouldn’t consistently accept credit cards. The bill accepter jammed. The keypad locked up and required frequent restarts. And forget about selling memberships; the machine didn’t do that. Not surprisingly, after six months he still wasn’t hitting his desired sales projections. 

Stine decided it was time to switch to a Dencar Pay Station. 

He appreciates that Dencar can accept whatever payment method a customer wants to use. Credit card strips and chips, next-gen payment options like Apple Pay and Google Pay. “Dencar accepts the payment and gets them on their way,” said Stine.


Within a month, [sales] had tripled. The next month, they quadrupled.”

- Tim Stine, Owner Subway Car Wash


Memberships and Fleet Service

He’s sold 110 memberships and has begun adding fleet accounts from an area college and a police department.

“Dencar easily manages the fleet accounts, making it user-friendly for my customers and generating orderly

usage reports for me.” 

After the daily hassles with his previous pay station, Stine loves how smoothly the Dencar Pay Station operates.  And if there are issues, he can address them without leaving the house. “I can do it all remotely,” said Stine. “I can react much faster and it saves me time.”

The Scrub
Switch from self-serve to automatic gets boost from Dencar Pay Station