Splash N' Dash

Kentucky-based chain is off to the races with Dencar

Superior app and using fraud as a sales tool are the difference-makers 


A lot goes into running a successful unmanned car wash business, but there are two vital components. First, it has to be easy for customers to purchase wash memberships. Second, you need a method of curbing fraud.  

This advice comes from Ryan Haley, 

owner of six Splash ‘n Dash Car Wash locations in Kentucky. And, in his opinion, no one does both better than Dencar.

His proof? “When I began my relationship with Dencar in 2021, I owned two washes,” said Haley. “I’ve used the extraordinary profits I’ve seen thanks to Dencar Technology to invest in four additional washes in less 

than three years, with a goal of eventually having ten locations.”

“The transaction starts at the pay station like any other single wash, but offers the membership option and quickly converts the sale – directly from the pay station. All without holding up the wash line.” Members then download the app later, after they’ve left the wash.

Memberships increase activity at his washes, which attracts additional retail customers – many of whom then convert to memberships.


Miraculously, it turns fraud into a sales opportunity”

- Ryan Haley, Owner Splash N' Dash Car Wash


Dencar turns fraud into a sales opportunity

“The real genius of Dencar’s system comes with its fraud protection and validation/

activation process. Miraculously, it turns fraud into a sales opportunity,” said Haley.

Dencar actually separates validation from the activation process. It’s counter to how the industry typically handles these two steps – but it’s more profitable. In a typical wash, the License Plate Reader (LPR) validates the member then activates the wash. Because no LPR is 100% accurate, this can lead to disgruntled customers who were denied a wash they were entitled to. 

With Dencar, the member either keys in their pass number or scans their app to activate the wash. Validation happens at the end. “Dencar has reversed the typical process by putting validation after activation,” said Haley.

No-confrontation fraud mitigation

“If a license plate not on the membership uses the wash, the member is sent a nice, non-confrontational message alerting them to the incident. They are given the option to either pay for the wash at the retail price or upgrade to a 
family plan by adding the vehicle to their membership. You recover that money. The first time it happens, they are also given a third ‘Oops’ option to dismiss the charge. But now they know their usage is being monitored.”

Haley estimates 80% of his members test the system within the first week, making fraud protection a necessity – and a sales builder. 

With his holdings growing so quickly, some of his recently acquired washes are still using competitor pay stations, but Haley will upgrade all locations to Dencar within months.

“The results speak for themselves,” said Haley. “I set a goal to have 10 wash locations within 10 years and Dencar is helping to make that possible.”

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