2024-06 Touch screen advisory

Summary: change HVAC settings on Models DPS-S1, DPS-S2, DPS-O, DPS-D, DPS-EP13, and DPS-EP21 to 33 degrees Celsius using the instructional video located here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzMrNQWmnqg

Details: The unique design of the Dencar monitor assembly permits the display to function in an extreme heat environment.  The display is air gapped from the touch screen with cooling air on both sides of the display.  This worked quite well for some of our early installations in Nevada where the outside temperature reached nearly 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  However, as Dencar installations moved to environments with high humidity, this monitor design was experiencing intermittent touch screen failures.  We were trouble shooting these issues from a hardware perspective and not making significant progress.  Through additional testing and problem correlation, it became apparent that the cause of the touch screen issue was micro condensation on the rear of the touch screen glass.  The solution for the elimination of micro condensation is an increase in the standard temperature settings for the HVAC system.  The new standard temperature is 33 degrees Celsius which is approximately 90 degrees Fahrenheit.   The obvious question is what impact will this have on the other components in the pay station?  The highest acceptable operating temperature of the lowest rated component inside the pay station is 140 degrees Fahrenheit, so we are still running 50 degrees below this point.  As such, we do not anticipate any adverse effects from this change.

2024-06 Release Notes