2024-06 Release Notes

  1. Online pass sales sending text confirmations and loading to account - there was an error where passes sold via the Universal online sales link would not properly load the standard sales flow.  The flow is updated and a custom URL can now be included in the text confirmation to the buyer.
  2. Direct linking URLs for online pass sales - The Universal online sales link was previously not a direct linking URL.  Buyers would need to hit a landing page first and then select "buy a pass".  The "buy a pass" page is now directly linkable and can be embedded into other marketing channels like Facebook.
  3. Correct MQTT flow for vending sales - The ability to specify a vending product was added.
  4. Thank you URL after pass sales - the text header previously identified Dencar.  This has been removed.  Future customer branding for source texting is in planning.
  5. New API payment endpoints were added within app to bring to current standards.
  6. NV200 cash handling return fix.
  7. CMP performance improvement after 3:00AM and 4:00AM service restarts.  Message flooding was occurring due to nightly restarts impacting early morning CMP performance. 
  8. Add all product types to Site Controller build for product use reporting in the CMP: Vacuum, Self-Serve, Pet Wash, Tire Air, Towel, Vending
  9. Add Other and Other2 MQTT channels for Site Controller for activation reporting of "Other" products.
  10. Add filtering to show active and inactive credit cards on consumer passes.
  11. Update log filtering on Site Controller for log rotation to improve device performance.
  12. Correct background images on Universal website to present customer logos.
  13. Additional security enhancements on payment API.
  14. Add model and serial number to devices in CMP.
  15. Present Customer Details page without dev error in CMP.  Not yet editable, but provides visibility to the operator for how their site is configured.
  16. Remove duplicate pop-up when deleting credit card.
  17. Add RFID aliasing.  Support for RFID simple number tracking instead of full RFID tag number.
  18. Add RFID prefixing.  Support for different strength responses on RFID tags from difference manufacturers.  
  19. Correct null error on About Us.  When left blank, the About Us section would error.
  20. Update import template to support Aliasing for RFID.
  21. Add Repeating Promo functionality.  Requires physical controller replacement.
  22. Add Right Height control to master image to support future auto adjusting pay station height.
  23. Correct scanning function on iOS for self-serve activation.
  24. Add component setting to master image for “Cashless” builds.  This allows "Cashless" to be configured as a template for ease of implementation.
  25. Make transactions table scrollable for mobile like the reporting table on desktop.
  26. Make RFID information exportable to CSV.
  27. Correct mobile view of CMP for overlapping columns.
  28. Add used codes search functionality to transactions page.
  29. Stabilize soft delete for customer and site delete functionality.
  30. Correct consumer tab filtering to show only selected consumer history.
  31. Hide product images on pass sales (as opposed to graying them out) on app & web.
  32. Correct scaling of logo on Universal websites.
  33. Add cents to web pass sales.

2024-06 Touch screen advisory