Base Install - Models EP21, S2, O

Mount the base according to this diagram:

Download this file as a PDF 

See the following pictures for install examples.

Step 1 - position the location of the mounting base.

Step 2 - mark the location of the mounting holes for drilling.

Step 3 - drill holes and install the anchors.

Step 4 - set the anchors with the anchor set tool.

Step 5 - attach nuts as shown.

Step 6 - set the height of the base to 1/4" to 3/4" off the ground.

Step 7 - level the base as desired before tightening the nuts.

Step 8 - ensure the trim skirts are positioned as shown with the slots toward the top of the base so the trim skirts can fall when installed.  Note this picture is a bottom-up view.

Step 9 - place the pedestal on top of the mounting base.

Step 10 - Secure the pedestal to the base.

Step 11 - raise the 4 stiffener rods so the height of the pedestal can be adjusted.  Apply lubricant to each rod and the center height adjuster.  IMPORTANT: only use a hand powered wrench/socket.  Do not use power tools!

Step 12 - once the stiffener rods are raised, adjust the height of the pedestal.

Step 13 - set the height of the pedestal to 35 inches from the ground (bottom of tire) to the top of pedestal.  This can be adjusted higher or lower based on owner preference.

Step 14 - tighten down the stiffener rods (no power tools!) and secure the ground, power, and network cables.