Retrofit Box – Exacta (Stainless Steel)


Do you have a legacy Exacta today and want to upgrade to a monthly wash pass program without having to tear up your property? Then the RFB-X is for you. This is the identical size box of the Exacta unit. Just unbolt your existing unit, remove it, and slide this one in its place.  You are quickly converted to a state-of-the-art system with no construction. The RFB-X uses a 13″ version of the high definition temperature regulated screen for ultra-responsive customer engagement regardless of climate. In addition, it is loaded with the latest in payment acceptance and a cash recycling unit that simplifies cash management. The RFB-X is part of the Integrated Sales Experience line-up, so operators have full visibility and management of this unit.

Payment Types

Save time with integrated bill recycling. No need to constantly replenish cash and visibility to know exactly how much cash is ready for retrieval.
Accepts EMV (a.k.a. chip cards) credit/debit, magnetic stripe credit/debit, custom branded gift passes, Tap to Pay.
Apple/Android/Samsung/Google Pay®

  • Sell a monthly wash pass in less than 10 seconds from the pay station.
  • Dencar’s patent pending VIA Guard technology protects you from fraud.
  • High Visibility 13″ Touch Screen
  • Video & Audio Capability
  • Advanced Bar Code Image Reading
  • Paper Receipt Printing
  • Electronic Customer Record Retention
  • Integrated Security Camera (for driver capture)
  • License Plate Reading for monthly pass holders