Cashless Sales Unit (coming soon)

  • Integrate credit card sales with the simplicity of CryptoPay® or Nayax® without the complexity and cost of another merchant account.
  • Enjoy an Integrated Sales Experience for visibility across your entire site.
  • Compare our processing fees – you’ll be happy.
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Are you ready to accept credit cards in your Self-Serve bays?  How about chip cards, ApplePay, GooglePay, SamsungPay, and AndroidPay?  The Cashless Sales Unit is ready to accept all forms of payment and keep you Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant.  You don’t have to deploy another merchant account either.  The Cashless Sales Unit is part of the Denpay experience so your single merchant account supports your entire point of sale system.  You can add the Cashless Sales Unit to any profit center you like: Self-Serve, Vacuum, Pet Wash, Vending, other.  The Cashless Sales Unit is connected via WiFi or wired Ethernet and can be mounted directly to your coin box or added as an accessory unit.  The Cashless Sales Unit includes the Self-Serve/Vacuum Relay unit so you also get all the benefits of the branded app sales channel. (Auxiliary Controller sold separately and required 1 per site).